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I'm really having trouble getting my very simple terminal style train system to pick up the reverse direction (returning to the start point after collecting resources). 

I have followed this guide, but only have A, B1 ,B2 and C: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3YINuwUcgs I have also followed this guide and am essentially trying to setup the Back to Back method 1, but no luck: https://asatisfactoryguide.blogspot.com/2019/07/setting-up-trains.html?m=1 

Here are the troubleshooting steps I've done: 

  1. I'm using double ended trains 
  2. All station platforms are the correct length (two locomotives and one freight). 
  3. Stations A and C only have one actual station, with it representing the end of the track at each end, and an empty platform that hosts the other locomotive 
  4. My timetable config is: A, B2, C, B1 . I have also tried A, B1, C, B2 The issue at the moment is that it gets to C, docks, but then says unable to get to the next station. I think it's a problem with it not being a loop system, and not detecting the change in direction, but want to make sure I haven't messed the config up somehow?

I have also removed the middle two stations and tried just with the two endpoints, and a timetable of literally just: A > B and the same problem happens - it gets to B, loads and then says can't find the next station.

If my game needs to be remoted into, let me know! This is basically stopping me from being fully automated....which is kinda the whole point of the game so it's exceptionally frustrating! :'(

Cheers in advance :) 

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One of the streamers I watch has had luck getting the double ended trains working right by double listing all stations. A, A, B2, B2, C, C, B1, B1. Make sure it doesnt have an option to use a turnaround loop. They will go all the way across the map to do so.
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^^ This, in case you didn't already know you can check the direction of your station by looking at the chevron (>) arrows on the walking pad/station building to tell which way a train needs to ENTER to be able to dock. Also, make sure that you have a Locomotive at both ends facing in opposite directions to each other.

If you have three stops and you want it to stop at A B C then go back to A and repeat your timetable should be:
Note: you will need to have Stations A and C pointing in opposite directions to each other while B will be pointing towards the direction the train needs to be going to reach stop C.

If you want your train to  go from A to B to C then back to B and back to A it should be
Note: In addition to having A and C in opposing directions you will need to have a SECOND station at B so that the train will be able to reach a correctly facing station. This is not recommended however as it is a nightmare to plan for having the right thing loaded into the right train car.

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Trains station MUST BE IN THE SAME ORIENTATION. That toke me a lot of time to figure out. Pay attention to the arrows on the stations. A shame but you cannot just make the train go backward from one station to another. You must add loops to your stations or make a complete circular railroad.

Disclaimer: never tried the double ended train thing
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For double ended trains; the arrows on the station must point in the direction the train is going when it arrives. So the end point station  arrows would point to the end of track. For the center station I would strongly recommend only stopping there in one direction OR making two separate stations, one for each direction.

In addition I have had complete success with stations consisting of station; freight platform(s) for car(s) being loaded or unloaded (and empty platforms for any locomotives or cars NOT being loaded or unloaded between front of train and the car(s) being loaded/unloaded. I have omitted platforms for cars/locomotives behind the last being loaded/unloaded. In one case that's station, an empty platform for second locomotive, and one freight platform for an endpoint; with eleven additional freight cars and another locomotive with no platforms of any kind. In another case I set up what was intended as a temporary endpoint with ONLY a station. (Set about a train length from the first loading station on the return trip.) Both have worked perfectly from the start.
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I did setup a push-pull train this afternoon without any trouble and the simplest timetable ever : A then B
One stations at each the end of the line, facing away from each other / back to back.

Now if you add a middle station on your circuit, the train can only stop there if it's correctly oriented, otherwise it will not understand how to stop there. It means that your middle stations require two train station C1 and C2, back to back, with your freight platform in the middle. You'll have to setup a timetable like this : A,C1,B,C2
You can remove one of these middle stations and use a timetable A,C1,B if you don't want your train to stop there on the way back to A.

A  <=---------C2<=---=>C1---------=>B
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