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I have trucks delivering coal, and only coal, to my truck stations, which then feed into Coal Factories.  Every so often, Fuel and/or Rotors will suddenly appear at my truck station and then begin feeding into my Coal Factories.  Needless to say, my coal factories shutdown and then my whole power networks shutdown.  I am sure my trucks are not carrying anything but coal, but yet somehow, other stuff shows up in my truck stations.  This is a bug!

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You're accidentally driving some other vehicle too close to the receiving truck stations, and which ever vehicle you're driving had those items in it's inventory at the time. The stations will automatically suck up what ever is in the vehicle of which ever vehicle drives near it, any or all vehicles in the game. This is not a bug.. this is part of the game. Try not to drive too close to the truck stations.
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After some study, I believe you're correct.  In my opinion the range that truck stations operate in for pick-off/drop-off is too large!
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Yep. I agree with you. This is why in my game I put the truck stations up above the ground about 4 walls high and put ramps for the "service trucks" to get up to em and down from em. That way I don't accidentally drive through em. You can also consider wrapping your truck stations in walls with one "hole" / door big enough for the truck to get in, turn around and come out again. Like a small box around the truck station. That's one idea I toyed with so I don't accidentally drive through em like that.
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