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Quick description:
A number of SFX will not play during extended gameplay (40+ minutes) and get progressively worse over time until there is very little/no audio at all. Reloading a save will resolve the issue.

UPDATE: Example video here:
Please ignore the weird video glitch caused by Geforce Experience capture. This is not visible to me as I play and only happens with Satisfactory recordings. It appears to be a recording bug within the game and GFE software. The video was recorded at native 4k and downscaled to 1080p for upload to YouTube.

Software that was only open in the background for this run of the game that is not typically running while the game runs: SL-OBS, uTorrent.

Occasionally regardless of map location, proximity to object and object generating sound -some- SFX do not play when expected to however all SFX work fine for roughly the first 40 minutes of gameplay.

After almost an hour and a half, there is now only the occasional footstep, uncommon SFX like spitter attack or bird chirp, I have also noticed a large increase in temporary FPS drops but cannot attribute these with certainty to the Audio glitch however these areas predominantly are free from issues within the first 40 minutes of gameplay

2-hour mark: Music has started to play again and one or 2 SFX are now playing (Loco hum, water SFX - most others are still broken)

Testing method/Advanced Description:
I have tested with the Rifle and Jetpack across a number of different locations on the map from within bases to the middle of nowhere and, for the first roughly 40 minutes of gameplay SFX's are playing as expected. After this time, however, some gunshots are no longer producing sounds and the jet pack also no longer makes sound most of the time. This progressively gets worse from that point on until no music plays and there are no longer any audible SFX playing at all

PC Specs:
i7 6900K @4.3Ghz, HTT off, 2TB Samsung 970 EVO SSD for game files, GTX 1080 Ti Video card rendering at 4K Ultra settings (431.60 Driver version), Logitech G935 Wireless headset and latest G-Hub application, Other audio working normally when game audio does not.

Troubleshooting/Things checked:
PC has been restarted, Game files for both Stable and Experimental build have been verified.
Reset Reverb - No Change
Adjusting volume options - No Change
Alt-tab - No Change
No Alt-tab for the 40 minutes of gameplay - No Change
Change location away from anything buildable that makes noise - No Change
I will update this as I encounter anything else that is worth mentioning.

Test: Output via Nvidia DisplayPort Output - No Change
Closed Logitech Software - No Change
Unplugged Headset adapter from system forcing the use of external speakers - No Change.
Test: Left game idle for ~1 hour - returned to find the issue has occurred
Shut down all non-essential software for OS running - No Change
Ran with Chrome open/closed - No Change
Test: Start the game in an area with few Trains running - issue takes about 1 - 1.5 hours to get very bad rather than 40 minutes. There are only 2 trains on a long loop (~6-minute loop) in this area. Other area has far more trains (5+ on shorter runs -2-4 minute runs- for other areas)
Test: Depowered all nearby trains, save and reload - Trains are no longer starting or stopping within SFX range however it audio glitch happened within 20 minutes.

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Do you have the issue with the headset disabled? ie. playing sound through a different device?
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Thanks for the suggestion, the testing section has been updated, no change to issue.
Tests completed for suggestion:
Tested output via Nvidia DisplayPort Output - No Change
Closed Logitech Software - No Change
Unplugged Headset adapter from system forcing the use of external speakers - No Change.
Tested: Left game idle for ~1 hour - returned to find the issue has occurred
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I have the exact same issue. SFX progressively gets lost over time until the game is virtually silent. Reload also corrects the issue. I've updated all of my drivers without any effect. I am using on board Realtek High Definition Audio, Driver Version, Motherboard  ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI)
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Good to see I'm not the only one with this rather frustrating bug! I thought it might have something to do with trains and since I was working in a remote area with less of them I depowered the track and reloaded - after which there weren't any trains starting or stopping within SFX range however it happened even quicker than usual this time so guess that one is busted!

On a side note, Xenephrax, I'm just about to go to work but will test this later if necessary but have you got another save? Does it happen on that one too? e.g. totally different playthrough save not just a previous of the same instance.
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@Xenephrax Looks like it has to do with the Trains and Braking, Kex has said he'll work on getting it fixed :D

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Thank you for your extensive testing! This problem has lingered for quite some time now and I have had a hard time nailing down what the issue is. There are usually no logs that tell of audio issues, issue does not seem to be linked to computer specs (your specs are well above our recommended requirement)

What you describe though sounds like what happens when you get a sound leak. (some sound is started, but not terminated - resulting in more and more sounds trying to play until your reach the max concurrent voice limit at 256 voices. Then the sounds you expect to hear might not have high enough priority to play.) This would explain why it takes 40~ minutes for it to get really bad.

Would you mind sending me your save file? (with a beacon/note of where this issue is prevalent) So i can run it here and see if i get the same results?

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Will do! I'll slap beacon down in the area I first noticed it and the areas I tested the sound in and then compress the save and send off to you - you should have it momentarily :)
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The Bug has been found and Joel is trying to squash it fix should be coming soon :)
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Alright, update that is relevant for this bug/question!
- I've plugged the leak in the train brakes that kept spawning instances of the brake sound.
- Constructor has had a rework with a new sound so it only plays one sound/constructor. Also max 6 allowed sounds at a time
- Smelter, same as constructor, only 6 allowed concurrently.
- Ambient sounds compressed to save streaming bandwith.
- Music compressed to save streaming bandwith.
- Ambient sounds ducked by factory sounds, so less birdcalls in your base.

Hopefully all of these changes will help to bring down the issues you've been experiencing.
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