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By using the chainsaw to cut trees or a lot of vegetation the game simply freezes and finishes.

If anyone knows any way around this situation please inform.
(so far I'm avoiding cutting down trees). 
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I've had this exact issue after the most recent update. Game's been rock solid, but then frozen and eventually crashed while use the chainsaw in mid-cut.

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I don't have freezes when cutting down trees but watching my computer's CPU Usage on the other screen does spike up 1 cpu core to 90% when cutting large trees. So trees and removing foliage seems to be a large single-core spike. If your computer's processor is weak or slow for single-core loads then that's probably what's causing this.

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Hello everyone,
I'm gonna add my feed back here, because i got the exact same issue.
3 hours of gameplay, unlocked the chainsaw and cut a bunch of tree. At the 7th tree got freeze with the sound still displaying and gotta disconnect session to get back control.

Windows 10 Pro. Fresh installation ( today ). The last time i ran this game it burns my GC (GTX770 R.I.P) (It was my fault but the pike was too stronk)
I waited 6month to buy a new GC and try to play again :
I'm quite low in RAM for the moment 8gb
I got an i5-3570 (upgrade soon) and a GTX1080
Both under 75° during the game session.

Habitually i make report IG but it crashed for the second time, hope details help to fix.
Good luck.

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