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Far too often when I am creating or driving a train I get the "unable to reach next stop" error, which cannot be cleared. I also sometimes get the "Braking!" flashing, which also cannot be cleared. My only resort is to deconstruct and reconstruct the locomotive. Are there known causes for these which I can avoid?
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Lots of reason for this. Chances are, if you had clicked on any of the links you had to scroll past after you titled this question, you would have learned dozens of them.

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Just add the station names twice in the timetable if you have double headed trains heading along a back and forth track (workaround)

Check the stations are facing in the correct direction , trains have to come into the station in the correct orientation.
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Trains in general are very broken and buggy right now. I would suggest waiting a while until the developers manage to fix trains later so they're usable. With time most of these sorts of problems should go away.

Personally I'm not even touching trains in my current playthrough at all until they fix the problems.
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Trains seem to be working great for me, and if you haven't touched trains how do you know they are broken? Is it other people's posts?

I'd defo recommend having a go, the only issues I get is building menu sometimes barfs if you exit a train not at a station - but that's just a quick save and reload.  They are such good fun to play with.
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Because I watch the Q&A forums every day here throughout the day. Numerous reports from multiple different people of severe FPS drops with trains in their save down to 20 FPS, time tables broken. Trains kill you when you hop out after manually driving them and won't give you a box and all your stuff is lost, Some people can't get out at all, some people drive to the end of the track and all the trains and cars get "smooshed" together as one vehicle that you can't drive. Train stations don't give the materials back to rebuild if you dismantle em, train cars/locomotives left floating in the air if you dismantle the track they're on and you can't dismantle them or ever get them to go away at all.. etc, etc, it's just a poopfest at the moment in general with trains.
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Yeah understood. TBH I didnt notice a framerate drop but that's likely that Sati has ran like a donkey even without Trains.

But, they are pretty fun. Your comment though had inspired me to start a new game without trains and see how jerky shizz is.
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This is usually down to a piece of track going in the wrong direction and so the train cannot get to the station after the one you are currently at.  If the station ahead is around the right way, it could be that a junction somewhere ahead is linking off in the wrong direction.

How many stations are on your route?
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My personal experience with it was that if my train station was not the same width as my train (additional empty platforms to make the lengths match), it wouldn't recognize that the train was bi-directional and so wouldn't be able to move in the other direction.
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So if I understand you correctly: In order to use a 1-1-1 configuration, you need to build your stations with 2 freight platforms so the total length is 3 "cars"? Is that right? (I mostly just drive a single locomotive manually).
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Yes, or at least a station and two empty platforms. The number of platforms needs to be at least as long as the train is, any locomotives not in a platform won't be detected as having reached the station from what I can tell, or at least they can't be used for detecting whether the train can go in the direction of the next station or not.
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