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I've just finished building my first large factory (180 iron per min into rotors and reinforced plates) and I'm finding it very difficult to manage my power networks due to not being able to tell which poles have free nodes. Hence, alot of the time I have poles with only 1 or 2 connections that aren't helping. Being able to see available power poles would be a big help as these factories get bigger.
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Also, the ability to split a full pole into another pole without destroying and reconnecting machines would be great. 4 'connections' per pole is just a weird arbitrary limit, by all observations, and if you aren't being deliberate in adding a new pole every time you add a new connection/machine, you run out *fast.*
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I consider it a fun little mini-game and once I had worked out a system for placing poles I didn't find it very hard to connect my machines (in a line of machines connect two machines to the power pole and use the other two connections to connect to the previous and next pole in the line). Also, you don't need to deconstruct the entire machine to reconnect it, you can just break and re-place the power line.
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I would like to see highlighting even on buildings, that are not yet connected to power network. A sort of hologram-like view for anything "uninteresting" with only mentioned objects highlighted (possibly with count of how many cables can still be connected) would go a long way in QoL department.
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