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I'd like to over- and underclock trains using the same mechanics as I can currently over- and underclock constructors and the like.

Making trains go faster by throwing more volts onto the rail would be a great opportunity to reuse existing game mechanics in a novel way. It would also be another sink for powerslugs. And another sink for power, giving the player more reason to add more nuclear power plants for instance.

This directly translates into more motivation for exploring and dealing with the nuclear waste as I imagine overclocked trains to require ridiculous amounts of power (Looking at you idle train using 25MW of power for levitating).

Underclocking in turn would be a neat and simple way of reducing their horrendous power consumption for lines that don't require as high a throughput as trains can deliver already.

Lastly: Some players have voiced concerns regarding the effectiveness of trains compared to deploying ridiculous lengths of conveyor belts. Adding the ability to overclock your train (network) would address this in parts without hopefully adding too much complexity to the game. Both in terms of implementation for the code and in terms of complexity for the player since this is not an new concept and they very likely already employ over- and underclocking in their factory.
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Yess! faster traaaains :D (btw they dont levitate, its train wheels and dual track)
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Train wheels indeed. However when you hook up a train station to your power grid you can observe how the trains on the rails will start to rise a bit. I haven't tried that myself but someone on Discord suggested this was the case and I'm going with it.
This would also "explain" the ridiculous idle power requirement of 25MW.
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They got measurable friction, at least when turned off. Try to put it in a "U" shaped rail and observe it acting as a pendulum. The hard part of the train is stopping, in special when over 120km/h. In a descent, I already got 260km/h but I'm sure it can get very faster. My next challenge is to build a loop, like ina roller coast and observe who it goes.
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