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Notice something about the conveyors in all public SF videos? They got a whole bunch of different items on them. Makes them look more interesting.

I want that in my factory, too! Except right now it is impossible to do this reliably because of the back pressure of individual types of items on a mixed belt inevitably making the whole belt stall.

The solution is to only merge items of a specific type onto a mixed belt on a condition. The condition being that the item in question is actually requested by some consumer of the belt.

This would guarantee that all items on that mixed belt end up being consumed – which in turn will prevent stalling of the belt.
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I'd appreciate a comment or two from the down voters. As it is right now both the smart splitter and the programmable splitter are next to useless because the line will sooner or later back up. It's just a matter of time.
And the only way to prevent that is to be smart about when to put things on a belt.

What I'm saying is: If you think this idea is stupid, you might as well just remove smart splitters from the game completely because they are inherently flawed.
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Smart and programable splitters are receiving frequent updates recently. See more here : https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/28843/smart-splitters-bugged
They are indeed flawed but, in their current state, you can use them to feed machines without clogging everything. They'll probably receive some more modifications so using them as an argument for smart mergers isn't really valid.

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Would be interesting to see  a way to iterate.
For every 60 screws allow 12 plates or something along those lines.  Would certainly help streamline advanced factories
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Only solution right now is to calculate the precise number of items you consume, then set up a system with splitters / mergers and different speed of conveyors to achieve the exact mix you need.
For example if you need 60 plates and 120 screws per minute you can use a merger with a mk1 plate input, a mk2 screws imput, and a mk3-mk5 output.

Using splitters, mergers and under/overclocking you can achieve almost any input rate. Dividing the production of your machines and the basic speed of your conveyors by powers of 2 and 3 is rather easy with splitters. For example if you use a fully connected splitter and mk1 input, you'll achieve a 20 item per minute output rate. Dividing by any other value is impossible with splitters so you have to use under/overclocking.

It's sometimes heavy and complex to use such solutions for getting the perfect mix on your conveyor, so a "smart merger" could indeed be useful. However I'd rather have people discussing about how to best implement such a possibility rather than jumping to the "smart merger" solution. We could implement that option on mergers, but also on storage boxes (smart storages), or use conveyors with adjustable speed instead for precisely chosing input rates in front of a classic merger.

I'd rather have the adjustable speed option chosen, as it would allow me to perfectly synchronize input in front of some machines.
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PS : some people want to see logical gates and sensors in the game. Such elements would allow the production of the perfect mix / adjusting production precisely to the consumption at the end of the chain. However this might completely change the face of the endgame. Not sure if that would be a good idea for Satisfactory to implement this...
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