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Please let us dismantle or upgrade buildings / belts etc. without refund.

Maybe even make it configurable. So lets say, only power shards will be refunded or let us select the items we want to get back from a list.

For example, im currently rebuilding parts of my factory and all the new buildings are already finished. So whats left is to dismantle all the left over buildings. I don't want the materials, i got enough already and having to move each stack from my inventory manually to the trash ist just tedius as hell.

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This is not the same, thats what i'm doing all the time, but it could be easier.
- starting small and having to dismantle only a few things is ok, but for bigger things where you want to redesign a whole part of the factory, its just too time consuming.
- I have to dismantle a lot of things and its just clogging up the inventory.
- if the inventory is full, you'll get one of those annoying chests you have to pick up manually
- even moving the things (with CTRL pressed) into the trash is a waste of time.
- i got enough materials in the buffer containers between the productions, i don't need those extra rods / plates or even computers.
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I doubt such thing gets implemented but there's a mod with such feature. Disclaimer: never tried it.
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I'll take a look at it.
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I like it, you could consider it a hard-core type mode. In a game where resources are unlimited this adds an element to prolong gametime which I think is right down the idea of this game. Love the suggestion.
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If it comes as an "option", why not, more features/customizations are always welcome.

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Stuff you have not got room for goes into a Ficsit chest.

With the ability to fast upgrade by mousing over lower tier stuff, I cannot see the value in this to be honest.

To add an argument for keeping the refund, often I find that placed items do not go exactly where you think they will, or something gets placed the wrong way around.  I'd be very miffed if I lost my mats due to a bad UI.
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I know, (read my first comment). Still you have to go and pick the items up from the chest. (Annoying if you don't want or need the materials anyway)

As the title says, CONFIGURABLE. It should be so we can enable or disable it and even select which items we want to get refunded. Maybe go even further and have it always refund the materials if you deconstruct a building within the first 15 seconds after building.

It won't take anything away from your expierience of the current game as long as you don't want to use the feature.

I can't understand why you all don't want to get a new feature, i don't want to get rid of the old mechanics, just add some more featrures.

I don't know how far you are into the game, but trust me, at some point you don't want all the ressources back.
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We do want new features, but we want new features that will improve the game.  Think of the votes in terms of priority.  What the downvotes are saying is 'ok, not a bad idea but we really want the stuff with 1.6k upvotes first'

If everything in the game was working nicely and this was the only suggestion to come in then of course it would get more upvotes.
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