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Maybe adding marking option for dismantling tool, it could be useful if i can mark the foundations i need to delete then once i finish it will dismantle everything above the marked foundations. this way we can dismantle the whole building only by marking the foundations beneath it. its the only way i can think of to dismantle over 27,000 foundations and over 75 km of conveyor belts, i do not want to lose my +450 hours save
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I went through dismantling first three generations of my base. In total it was several thousand buildings and it was absolutely no fun, just a chore to get these things out of the way. There's nothing creative on it, you just push button and wait, over and over again.

I assume the delay on the dismantle tool is there mainly to give you time to re-check that you're dismantling the right thing. Because if developers wanted to limit dismantling, they'd put a tax on items you get back from the dismantle instead. And in that context, having the ability to mark multiple things for dismantle fast and then perhaps go through the delay would be really useful in cases where one wants to dismantle a lot of things at once.
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There's was a stream yesterday where a Dev was demoing mass dismantle. You have to tag each thing, but still

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really very necessary thing+++
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