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It would be nice to have an in-game FPS cap, aka. 30,60,120,240,Unlimited. :)

This would help so people's computers don't have to push 80-110 fps or something like that when they are fine with a 60fps cap.

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This option alredy exists in de console and works (I tested it).

Fisrt show de actual FPS:

Stat FP

And cap it using this command

t.MaxFPS [number]

For more info in how to activate and use the console go to the offial wiki


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This option is already in-game. In graphics settings check the box for "Vsync". That is literally the design function of Vsync and that's what it does: Limit the FPS to your monitor's maximum refresh rate, so it doesn't go over and so the video card doesn't render more FPS than your monitor can handle.
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That's not exactly the same thing but I understand what you are saying. If OP got a 144hz monitor vsync will limit the GPU to deliver 144 frames per second if it's 60hz vsync will limit GPU to 60 frames. Vsync is more a thing to do with screen tearing because it tries to deliver an entire frame per monitor cycle. FPS cap is more freely set. OP can choose any value from the top of his mind, for example, to avoid burning an old GPU (like a GTX580).
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And if OP had a 144hz monitor they would want 144 FPS. No one with a 144Hz monitor would ever limit their computer to anything less than 144 FPS, They certainly wouldn't limit it to 60 FPS. They paid for the hardware to push 144 FPS, they'll use it. Vsync limits to what your monitor can do and that's what everyone needs/wants.
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