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If have mentioned that some would like to have more survival aspects, I belong to this group, and others would like to keep the momentary stage, and not adding more survival parts, like the dev’s, who said that there would be no survival parts (at least what I have read). But I think I have a solution for both sides.

Let the animals (and plants) by default more aggressively with more radiation and/or pollution. Then they will come and attack you and your base. Maybe after an amount of playtime, an amount of pollution, an achieved tier, or a used power consumption. But there will be a new building, a tower, or a radar, or something similar, which would, while being active, reduce the effect of pollution and radioactivity on animals (and plants) and would calm them. So if you want to keep the current stage, build the tower and switch it on. If you want more survival, just don’t.

Maybe it would be the Radar Tower, a better version of it or a Radar by itself.

Maybe you need to first scan the animal to be able to calm it.

The Radius of the effect could be infinite or definite, like one of radar towers, and could be increased for every radar tower, which is connected to the radar itself.


Okay that is my idea, I think it isn’t too bad.

What do you think?


Have a nice day

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It has been stated million times !!


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We really need a "PLEASE STOP!" pop-up raising every time someone writes "SURVIVAL MECHANICS" in a question. Yes, it's a legit suggestion for this site.
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Just more active moderators would make things right (in many ways)
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So, keep up the good work =)
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Already asked.






I know, that anyone has a "personal approcah", a "different angle"; well, you should post it on a thread it belongs instead of duplicating the same topic over and over again. Read the blue box on the right, there you'll find what you've been asked for. Nice and easy.

In this particular case it has been already stated that there won't be any pollution or "tower defence" mechanic, a little more research before posting wouldn't harm; however, this doesn't means your idea isn't nice or valid, it simply won't be part of the vanilla game; you still have the option to join the modding community to make your vision a "reality" since modding is already a thing and modding support is going to be as well. Guess it's a win win situation. https://ficsit.app/

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