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I know that is another topic but guys.  

Higher and more advanced tiers should have more slots.  This is understandable when we are not well advanced. However, this should change during our development.

Just think. A situation in which you produce supercomputers, turbomotors, atomic energy, but you can't wear a gas mask and shoes at the same time? :) The constant change between shoes and jetpack is frustrating.

What will happen when you are in the radioactive zone where you will have to fly to the poisoned place ??This is a fairly radical example, but there are many situations in this type of game.

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Seriously, why isn't this uploaded a lot more. This is a considerable issue in my opinion and almost seems like an oversight considering the purposeful level design in some places. Please just upvote

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Atm so would wearing gas mask and blade runners, remove what little challenge there is with moving around the world. Same for radio active areas.
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I said that slots should change with tier factor.   
Lets say u've researched 10 tiers .   U have all the buildings and ultra technologies.   
Everything u need just have fun, collect more slugs and feel that ur factory and technologies give u more power . You know what i mean -  after 100 hours u just want build with ease and get everything what u want easier because you are more advanced.

"remove what little challenge "  the challenge should be on low tiers like with WEAPONS slots.   
If u have really complex factory u dont want to spend hours to reach some slugs change boots with jetpack .
U build factories to get everything better, moore and faster .

Dont u thing so wearing in the same time hmm  mask on your face and boots on ur legs is wrong ?

For me it should be blocked until some tier like the weapon slots.  
Better tier= more slots

What about wearing hazmat suit  ? It consume a slot and when u in radiation u cant use jet pack without hazmat suit because u will die.  

BTW i dont want 10 slots in armor but in some cases 2 slots and with highest tiers 3 slots will be a good idea

Tell me one more thing
For some month when u reached 10 tiers and hundreds of machines, u still want to change all the time ur bladerunners with jet pack all the time ?
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Maybe they could make it a HD unlock from after all other recipes are unlocked. That would [rety much mean you had met all the challenges.
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Gas and radiation, is the only 2 dangers left late game. Plus a few falls, if you dont pay attention to fuel.

So it make sense we can deal with them, but not ignore them. Which we could, if we had jet pack + mask.
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I fully support! A jetpack, parachute, gas mask and exoskeleton are perfectly combined. Why can't they be dressed together?
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