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Okay so I stopped playing for a couple months waiting for tier 7 updates, and today I updated the game to finally give it a play, but for some reason certain items are now missing that I know I was using last time, that being the nobelisk bombs & detonator, and the rifle mk2, all gone :/ no recipes, no research options in tiers, I looked everywhere, were they removed? I searched for patch notes on removed items but couldnt find anything..

Im on CL#103023

[UPDATE] okay so the rifle is gone now.

But explosives gear is all missing in my game :/ its not in tier 4 to research either


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Unforchantly the Rifle mk2 is gone. but the Nobelisk bombs and detonator is still in game. With all the updates/patches they might have accidently overwritten in your game where all you would have to do is find some more sulfer and research it again. I hope this helps.
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Ill see if i can find some more sulfur again to try this, ill get back to you with result, thnx
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Yup, some odd reason it reset my tier 4 explosives research, had to find sulfur again and then scan it to unlock again, strange glitch, solved now, thanks
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Rifle mk2 was removed. The others are all still in game.
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the explosives are missing in mine, I had them previously
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Rifle Mk2 and Rebar Scatter Gun were indeed removed (they possibly return on future updates thou). Nobelisk and Detonators are still ingame, so, if you noticed something wrong is just about the latter.
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Oh ok fair enough, but yeah the explosives gear is all missing in my game now :/
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