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Experimental Build 103023
I tried to search for a similar issue, but I couldn't find one. I was traveling in reverse at +100 kmph when I reached the end of the track. Exited the train and noticed it looking like the image below. It still functions; I can enter the engine and load the freight car.

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Same thing happened to me. In my case the speed was quite low - unoccupied train drifted into end of track upon reloading. (Train consisted of locomotive on each end and 5 freight cars - I think all were partly or completely loaded - with only the lead locomotive and first car compacted.) I was able to dismantle the locomotive and rebuild it where it belonged.
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Yeah, I actually had the same thing happen after this report, and I forgot to come back to update. Same train in my case, just a single locomotive and freight car (my typical new factory transport). But yeah, I left it sitting on the track stopped, and then I came back to find it merged like this.

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Thanks for the report, I've seen some compacting in the past but not this much, I'll write it down for future train improvements and bug fixes.
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I tried to reproduce this, but it didn't happen the second time. I know two things were different:
1. The freight car was partially loaded the first time.
2. I think I was going faster the first time as I had started a bit further uphill on my track.

I will try again the next time I play.
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