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Video showing bug:


So I don't know how to reproduce this.
I pressed escape, clearly, but then when I was in the menu, I could still move around, build, mine ore, type in chat, swing my blade etc.

Basically, I could do anything I could normally do when the menu isn't open.

However, I was unable to close the menu, forcing me to alt-f4 out of the game.

Later on, the audio glitched out too, seemingly only playing sound-effect clips such as the water, parts of building a new structure ( other parts of that audio of placing a foundation were gone)
Leading to some weird clicking sounds.

I was in the crater in the northern forest where I had heard spiders(?) before underground, but with this audio-glitch, that sound was VERY loud.
This can also be heard near the end of the video.

This happened in multiplayer but I doubt it has anything to do with the cause.
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Happened to me today, I can get you a similar record if needed.
I had a freeze, probably autosaving, while I was running around an angry wild aninmal... I'm pretty sure I pressed escape during the freeze, and then I was stuck with the menu overlay yet ingame controls.
Simple workaround : opening the craft menu to get a mouse pointer and click resume game.

I thought I had to close the game for a few seconds because of this tho.
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i had the same problem

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For the sound part. There is some sounds that always play on the character that increase in volume if you move fast/fall in air. That sound seems to have gotten stuck at a point (5:40 in the video) and begun to multiply until most other sounds could not play because of the playback limit of 256 voices.
I'll put some limitations on that sound to hopefully keep that from happening.
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The sound seems to switch from regular audio to glitched at 3:15 in this video.
Not sure what the cause of it there is.

The part at 5:40 I've heard before and I'm sure there's something underneath the ground there because I've heard it in regular gameplay as well, although not as loud as here.

I really like the sound design for this game, Kex, keep up the great work!
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Yeah it get's jumbled very sudden at 3:15. Never heard something like it before.
I'll investigate that area and see if i can find anything peculiar there.

Thanks for the kind words :)
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Nope i found what it was, it's those damned spiders that are in a cave below :E Ill see what i can do about them.
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Tell those little bastards to sit still and be quiet if they can't actually see the player without using X-ray vision.
Glad you found the cause, and good luck with the fix!
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