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Firstly, the game seems very well put together for an alpha. close to everything works well. However there were a few issues i encountered during play.

1: Initial gameplay. As a new and confused player the first thing i did was to run out and get myself killed, before building the HUB. (i ran straight for a resource). What happens then is that you respawn at a random place on the map, with little health and no weapons. To advance in the game you need the parts for the hub, but the critters runs faster than the player, and end up killing you again. I ended up having to start a new game to get around this, as i was unable to recover from my initial mistake. (and you do after a while have no idea which body contains the stuff you need, as there is one more each time...

2: Lookout tower ladder: difficult to climb down. There is the issue of latching on, but also of interface. I am used to pressing forwards and controlling climb direction with the way i look (up/down), but pressing forwards in the game makes you latch on, and always climb up. I often end up falling, press forwards to latch on (air contril) and wind up climbing to the top again, to repeat the process.

3: General interface, you have to confirm EVERYTHING. apparently often twice. this could be toned down.

Bear in mind, this is nitpicking. the game looks very good so far!
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