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Edit: I always forget photo mode doesn't show the build. This is 103400.

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Blue Palm Tree is no longer indestructible

I was only able to remove palm trees when the brown part of the trunk is visible. For this tree and others, it seems like the hit box is somewhere under the map, so they cannot be removed. In response to a comment below, explosives do not work.

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They are aware of this and it is going to be fixed in future updates.
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That's from before the update. I'm playing after the update. I already addressed this, and I think you're not paying attention.
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The implicit concept of "future updates" is just they are aware of the issue (as stated) and they are gonna to address it. Nobody said when this is going to happen : not the most recent update, maybe the next one? You'll  find out.
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Dude, not to be rude, but you're wrong. Completely wrong. Stop.  Read the patch notes for 103400, and then come back when you know what you're talking about.
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What about  103400?? Did I mentioned it? I said : This is not yet comepletely fixed (since they just modified the ingame ObjRef of that specific tree), it will be. When? Not defined. Use the ingame feature to provide further information about all the exact locations where the issue persists, 'coz the problem now looks like placement related.
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Have you try explosives? The explosion reach under the ground and.
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Yes. Doesn't work.
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