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While I was playing on a friend's game, the friend got into a high-speed wreck in the rover / buggy. The entire buggy clipped through the terrain & is not at all visible above the terrain. The friend's character died & upon reviving we were unable to reclaim the buggy or the friend's dropped inventory, as both appeared to be entirely below the terrain. This is still the case after saving & reloading. We were wondering if there was a way to no-clip to retrieve the vehicle, or some way to summon the vehicle back above the terrain.

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Multiplayer has quite a lot of bugs and is in general extremely buggy and unreliable at the moment. The developers are actively working on trying to improve multiplayer and (hopefully) will release patches to make multiplayer more reliable soon. In the short term to understand better what they are trying to deal with, perhaps you may like to review the blog post on multiplayer networking in Satisfactory at the moment. https://www.satisfactorygame.com/blog

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