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I have a large track loop with four stations and one locomotive. It should stop at three stations to pick up supplies and stop at the fourth to drop them off to my space elevator; however, only the station at my space elevator appears in my train’s time table, and I cannot make it stop at any other stations. There are no breaks in my track nor switches, and all stations are facing the same direction, so I have no idea what the problem is.
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Can you drive the train the full loop? Do all the station show the same power available? Sometimes, the track will look like it's connected, but it really isnt.
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I’ll try his solution

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Something I did not realise that you probably have is that the freight stations need to line up with your cars and the number of cars you have should match the freight stations.  Otherwise stuff won't unload; if for example you have 3 cars and 2 feight platforms, the last car will not empty.

Check your timetable has all the stations, adding them if not by clicking the add and selecting the station you want.
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Good point, but I'll expand on it. I have 9 cars in my train, with 3 stations to load ore, and 1 to unload. The first station loads the first 3 cars. The second station has 3 empty platforms so the first 3 freight cars are ignored, and then has 4 loading freight stations. The third station has 7 empty platforms and 2 loading stations for the end cars. The unloading station has 9 freight platforms and no empty platforms.
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