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So, I have some factory area in the red forest where there has been a lot of updates to.  (we won't even talk about the giant rock formation)  So since we can't destroy the fart rocks, could walls be used to encapsulate their deadly odors?

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In general, building in the red forest right now is a very bad idea as that area is still in active development and subject to being changed almost every patch at the moment. Also, if the walls could stop the gas clouds that would make the entire "Hazard" extremely trivial / simple. Just surround it in walls and no more gas cloud. That would make the entire game way too easy and completely defeat the entire purpose of having gas masks... I doubt they will implement that in game.
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Spore rocks are great for the exploration game challenges but once you have tamed the area, got rid of wildlife and started building there, they're not any challenge anymore, they're just annoying and take up valuable space. Personally I'd like if the game was able to get these angles together using some suitable game mechanic, such as the act of "conquering" an area. So until you have conquered the area, the spore rocks will be there and you have to be smart about avoiding their spores. But once you have conquered the area (e.g. by solving some puzzle hidden in between these rocks), you can get rid of them and build another part of the factory in their place.
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Personally I think the "Spore Rocks" should be as they are now, there forever and go through walls. If you don't like it, just build somewhere else. There's thousands of miles of land to build at in the existing map in-game.
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Upvoting AqVix.  What is the point of hazards otherwise?  I suppose there could be an option to play on KinderGarten mode or Peaceful and not have gas / mobs.

But as AV says, just build somewhere else dude. Or, go vertical!
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I like all these thoughts!

Yea, I figured out the hard way that the area was under heavy development...  I am in the process of moving out of the area.
I do enjoy a good challenge to the game, but I feel like part of conquering the planet does mean that there is nothing left to threaten me.
I do like Kasuha's idea about having to do some kind of puzzle or something to turn them off.
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An older suggestion is to be able to build an "air scrubber" which would slowly produce biomass from harvesting the gas. This is a very viable solution I think.
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