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  • Garbage Pod Launcher
    • Takes in power, fuel, various components to build rocket.
    • Rocket holds X amount of cargo of whatever.
    • Upon cargo container being filled (or big red button manually pushed), rocket launches 'into the local star'.
    • Acts as one form of productive product sink for rocket creation.
    • Excellent for nuclear waste disposal.
    • Far more 'Satisfactory' than simple incinerator disposal building.
    • Gives meaningful, 'tactile' measurement of 'doing something' or progress.
    • Entirely able to be used for launching ALL of your items into the sun if that is your thing.  You do you.
  • Space elevator based finished product export.
    • Provide some counter (currency?) to dump resources towards as measure of progress and simple giving of purpose to factory.
  • Trade AI Computer Building
    • Passive building which takes computers or some such to build and eats power when active.
    • Once active, space elevator based export gains secondary dynamic of added randomized return resources supposedly brokered by AI.
    • Adds constant source of disorganization to resource supply which must be dealt with.
    • As disorganization is dealt with, allowing greater export of goods, disorganization increases.
    • Continued challenge aspect.
    • Entirely optional headache given the likely polarizing love/hate.
  • Recycler Building
    • Take finished product, break down completely to base resources.
    • Perhaps tiers of efficiency to allow early game use.
    • Excellent to pair with Trade AI concept.
  • Deconstructor Building
    • Reverse recipe building which literally reverses a recipe.
    • Excellent to pair with Trade AI concept.
    • Can have series of buildings to counter each of the production buildings.
  • Matter Fabricator
    • Massive power input.
    • Small amount of raw resource of selected recipe.
    • Great for nonsense 'self invented challenges'.
    • Simple to implement.
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You don't have to do anything. You can run around the map and explore and find slugs and kill things and find hard drives and build bridges and all sorts of other things. Factories aren't supposed to run all the time in Satisfactory. It's supposed to idle down and -NOT- consume things. Resource sinks are terrible, will most likely never be in game, are largely unpopular around here and just in general bad.  Idle factory is happy factory.
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I dump storage on a fairly regular basis. Almost all of my machines do run at once, and my frames run at 50-60. But that's one of the beauties of this game. You can play it the way YOU want to, and be as efficient, or inefficient, as you want to be.
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@ AquaVixen:  I've built factories and filled storage with more of everything than I can ever use, explored (and built belts, power lines, and now railroad track) across most of the map, collected power slug that I almost never use, logged off entire biomes while living up to the Ficsit 'We do not waste' motto (my last play through counted individual items trashed on my fingers; the current play through stands at zero with tier 6 entirely unlocked.)

Sending products up the space elevator for credit (whether or not there is anything to trade that credit for) would give my factory purpose (why would Ficsit send pioneers to build factories if they didn't need what we make?) and provide a new, different challenge.
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 Recycler Building
Take finished product, break down completely to base resources.

Deconstructor Building
Reverse recipe building which literally reverses a recipe.

same idea ^^^
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I too would love to see the Space elevator (and it's 8 inputs!) being used for some sort of ongoing production demand from "Fixit Corp" rather than just firing stuff into the sun, may as well put the same idea behind us producing stuff for the company which put us on this planet in the first place.

This could change with different timescales depending on the level of materials requested and our current research level. (user customisable in options as mentioned above), and would allow us to have our factories running all the time rather than sitting dormant... it all seems a bit pointless when it's sat there doing nothing :(

Love this idea.

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Overall, i like some of your ideas. However, as always, i highly recommend to Split your suggestions! We can only up and downvote all at once. Because i don't like the last Suggestion, i give a downvote for all. Cheers
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