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The Problem

Trains doesn't work as entire entitys. On Rail splits, other Trains attract to swich while the first train runs over. This split the trains for rolling wagons alone- and sometimes stuck in the hills. That isn't just a cometic thing- trains do not unload cargo, which stops production lines and for me, because of carring TFuel in it, all the trucks as well.


in my opinion would be to make a specific train one thing, that

a) can not split at all

b) ignore all rail splits, like if an other rail route isn't the designated way, the spilt doesn't exist for that specific train

What do you guys think?
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Trains not being a complete singular entity is a lot of the problem I get. Once a train becomes separated, most times cars still load and unload. Physics/gravity still effect the body of the train, while the lead engine still makes it's scheduled stops. I think it needs something to finalize the train unit, sorta like old school finalizing a CDR. Having the switches controlled from the engine, vs from the stations, would be an improvement too. I would really like to see at least departure times as part of the train schedule, but it would have to track where the trains are with saves, vs just activating all of the trains at once as the trucks work now. I had a massive truck yard with each truck having a 30 min wait time, and each one making it's run in turn. As soon as I loaded the next session, I had a massive pileup of trucks as they forgot where they were in the sequence.
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