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Just some ideas for the record.

I'm thinking of how fun it would be to implement everyday life's processes into the game:

- player should get hungry and should eat or consume some food/compressed material made from local resources from time to time. Acquiring resources may lead further to even research, growing plants on a farm and build the necessary infrastructure for it, like watering system, spraying, foil tents, bio farms, planting and harvesting machinery, food processors etc.

A big variety of diff normal and exotic (local) plants could be made domesticable, like fruits, vegetables, crops, all requiring a specific growing and handling system and techniques. Maybe gene technology could be researched and excercised in a lab?

Also space elevator could be made so that it would ask for plant cargo for special agricultural rewards in return. Who wouldn't want to eat an exotic fruit here on Earth that would come from the outer rim of the galaxy, right? :)

The idea comes from the fact that apart from restoring your health after a heavy battle with the local beasts, the consumables do nothing. You are not forced to eat for weeks/months if you happen not to get involved in such battles at all, or if you do not fall off a cliff. On the other hand all the plants consumed should be respawn from time to time, but this I do not push further because there are many more entries about this issue.

- player should get thirsty as well, having to quench his/her needs with water or any other fluid (squeezed fruit juice, milk?). Of course gathering water should also be a task, and should involve making water tanks, pumps etc. For salty waters player should be able to bulid distillators or filters. Of course water should be differentiated: rivers and lakes should give fresh water while seas all around the island would require some handling to be made drinkable. Storing and delivering fluid would require special devices and appliances  like pipes, tankers, coolers etc.

For juice there could be some processing machinery, that require fruit as input. For milk you could keep animals in a barn and install milking and feeding devices etc.

Of course dung and excrement of your agriculturing facility could go right to your biomass burners, thus making biomass feeding automated, which is not the case at the moment.

- the by-products of your agricultural facility could be turned into fabric (clothes) or you could discover new materials depending on the cattle you keep. For meat you could keep livestock, you could have fishery. You could produce leather, wool etc. (just imagine the endless possibilities of a new, yet undiscovered world!)

- player should go tired and should need to sleep from time to time. This would lead directly to camping (and the ability to carry a tent with you that could be set anywhere if you are tired) If you are not fresh and rested for a certain amount of time, you could get sick. That also would imply making medicines from diff plants or animal residues/organs which would of course require a laboratory. Not to mention that exotic drugs could be sent abroad (space elev) for some good stuff in exchange.

- you broke you leg? Feel dizzy or queasy after an abundant feast of a newly discovered fruit? Drank from some muddy puddle without filtering the water beforehand and now you have fever? You discovered some microorgainsms in your daily meal, and realized it only after eating up the half of it? Just got bitten or stung by some local animal and now you are producing strange spots on your skin or your limbs are beginning to go dead? No worries, just go to the sanitary ward and cure yourself or research a new remedy or antidote!

- I cannot leave out the delicate matter of faeces and peeing: all perfect for biomass! Every now and then the player should flush the toilet, thus helping recycling and contributing energy production :) Again, keeping yourself healthy would be the main goal here.

And there are many-many more ideas to be implemented! Just look around you and discover how complex life could be, especially if you have to start everything alone from the very beginning on a distant planet!

What do you think?

All ideas are welcome, record bears everything... :)
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That add's extra work I don't want to deal with.
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Pretty sure they have stated, on several occasion, they will not be doing food and water in this game. Be sure to read topics the devs have on social media, steam, this site, the wiki and the actual website.

I feel bad you wasted so much time writing all this out and it will never get implemented.
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sounds like you want a game like scum+satisfactory...

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No thanks. I have more then enough eat/drink every 5 minutes or die, games already.
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Terrible idea. This game has too much to manage already. We don't need basic survival built into it too. This isn't ARK: Survival Evolved, it's Satisfactory. You're trying to turn Satisfactory in to ARK.
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What I like about satisfactory is that satisfying feeling after some huge task is completely done.
You're never done with drinking, eating, healing, so in the end this won't be satisfying, just a constant reminder that you're going to die someday and leave an empty automated factory behind.
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