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The first time I saw the E3 2018 Trailer on the Epic Store and saw the deployment of the portable miner, all I could say was " WOW, that's so cool". I think that was the point where I decided to purchase Satisfactory. It would be nice if we could get more of those portables.

I was thinking maybe a portable craft bench that you could retrieve off the back of the drop pod. You could incorporate it into the initial construction of the HUB by gathering certain resources and crafting them that will be required before dismantling the drop pod. Then add them all together including the portable craft bench into the deployment of the HUB.

Other applications for the portable craft bench, using it in the construction of the Equipment Workshop or even use it when building Vehicles.

Other portables, a portable organic generator. There are so many possibilities for different kinds of portables. If you have any ideas for other portables, please share your ideas.
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Both of those are already in game. You just need to construct them when/where you need them, rather than being a piece that takes an inventory slot. They both use basic materials (plates, rods, cable, etc)
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I guess but I'd rather have something a little more complex similar to the Miner Mk.1, 2 & 3 that require portable miners to build.

In my opinion, it just seems a bit too easy to build stuff sometimes.
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I forgot to add a portable smelter to plug into the portable organic generator.

If you look at the back of any vehicles, you'll see the design of a portable craft bench. It has a very good animation when it opens up.

I'm think that the workshop bench should be a updated version of the craft bench combining both into one.
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