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Building factories is the most enjoyable part of the game for me, so I'd like to be able to adjust settings to let me focus on that more readily. Some options I'd like to see are:

No Fall Damage - falls have killed me far more than enemies, and while I suppose I could build a safer factory, I'd still like to be able to turn off fall damage

Items Don't Drop on Death - If I *do* die, having to go back to where I died to retrieve my items is a tedious time sink, especially if I died within the safe confines of my base.

No enemies - I don't find fighting enemies to be particularly enjoyable, and I'd rather not spend time fighting them.

Of course, these would make the game easier, but that's the point. It would mean less time dealing with aspects of the game I don't enjoy and more time spent on the parts I do enjoy. Namely, designing and building ever larger and more complex factories.

These would also go nicely with a Creative Mode, where building is the sole focus.
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1) don't fall
2) no one is forcing you to go get your death bag, leave it where it spawns
3) build power lines in, or foundations over, areas where alien fauna spawns. Leave the area. There will be nothing there to fight when you come back.

Adapt to the game, dont expect the game to adapt to you. I dont want any of the changes you mentioned, and it is within your power to achieve all of them as the game exists.
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Once you automate everything in the game you will have completely unlimited resources and thusly literally enable "Creative Mode" as an "End Game" and you can build/do anything your heart desires. So thusly "Creative Mode" pretty much already exists in-game. You just have to work for it.
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"Creative mode" was on the dev's road map, but I don't see it there any more:
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Take a look at the KronosMod
You can enable "god mode" to get rid of fall damage (no fall damage, no death, no item drop) and as long as you carry a gun, you can enable infinite ammo and change the rate of fire, so basically enemys are no longer a threat.
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Also there's a mod to kill all the aliens

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If you want to have an "creative mode" you can use a cheat Engine table
there you have the option too:

  • build anything without needed resources
  • turn off fall damage
  • infinity jetpack
  • and more.

Its kinda cheaty i know, but for i have just 3 savegames Multi, Single and one for just tryout some stuff.

Here is the Program called Cheat Engine:

Here the table, just download, double klick and choose the runing Satisfactory exe


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