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It would be nicer to hold the lmb down to build foundations over a larger area. I'm building foundations under my train tracks and it takes forever... same would be nice for ramps. Another way would be to select a certain construction, e.g. a previously made long ramp, save that built, and recreate that built again somewhere else while of course it being required to still have the required resources to build the whole thing. I wouldn't mind limitations like a max length of 10 blocks in any direction. It would just simply make building easier in general, especially late game with huge constructions. Maybe even restrict the possibility to a tier.
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as long as all the foundations are built at the same height i would welcome this. The copy paste function you describe would be nice to have as well.

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The modders have figured out something like that: https://ficsit.app/mod/6vQ6ckVYFiidDh

Which means its possible, we just need to give the coders time to do it.
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