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Conveyor lift rendering act oddly since the last two Early access update, first its did just have a reduced frame/second animation from one side of the lift from close distance while the animation was all fine from looking at it from the other side fom the same distance, right now with the last patch also the items on the conveyor lifts are displayed only just one colored squares, which i assume should be only displayed like this from greater distance. there is two snapshot from the same distance of some of my lifts:
From this side all looks fine: https://prnt.sc/ov8opi
From the other side is this: https://prnt.sc/ov8oy9
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When trying to replicate, I found that the issue (both choppy framerate and eventual "pixelating" of the payload) appears to be there only when looking at the conveyor lift (or rather at its vertical rail) from the front, not from behind.



Also the behavior is erratic, sometimes a belt is not "pixelated" even if it's further away than a "pixelated" one. But in general, it comes with distance from the belt, from close up either there's just reduced framerate or the belt action is completely smooth.
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I have exactly the same problem. It's really annoying when you look at a beautiful base with everything working perfectly and in the middle of it, there is a clunky bunch of square bitmaps moving at 1 fps over the conveyors.
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Please fix this. It's really ugly and ruins the fun :(
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just play the early access version of the game in the meantime. devs will release update 3 late january/ february so don't expect it to change before update 3
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