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Not sure if it's meant to be or a bug. You can insert a nuclear rod in any vehicle, it will disappear, give you infite energy and produce no waste / radiation. Looks like a bug, might be a hidden feature... It's weird though.

There's a closed ticket with a similar behavior on the nuclear plant (bug) : https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/24679/infinite-fuel-waste-produced-possible-nuclear-power-plants?show=24679#q24679

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It's not a bug and it's supposed to be this way. The vehicles do not have "Infinite" fuel when you put a nuclear fuel rod in them. Nuclear fuel rods have a fixed value for energy they contain. Just like 1 piece of any other fuel source that you can put in vehicles. It's just significantly higher than any other fuel source in the game and thus the vehicles run for "A very long time". I haven't tested it yet but I could probably power my entire truck fleet on nuclear fuel rods.. I should try and set that up later.

Energy (MJ)

750,000 - (1) Nuclear Fuel Rod

2,000 - (1) Turbofuel

750 - (1) Fuel

300 - (1) Biofuel

270 - (1) Coal

200 - (1) Compacted Coal
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So my truck will someday stop and produce nuclear waste ?
Why isn't it radioactive while operating ?
This behavior is "weird". The tank looks ampty, and adding another fuel here stops the run on nuclear, goes back to the new fuel without producing waste.
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I have no idea if your vehicle will produce nuclear waste or not, I have never run one long enough to see it "run out" of one nuclear fuel rod. I've had one rod in my explorer for about 4 weeks now and I use it all the time and it still hasn't run out. And it's not "Weird" at all. If you separate any of the other fuel sources I showed you above and put only 1 (not a stack) in your vehicle and then move, those fuel sources would also "Disappear" and start to be used by the vehicle. This is normal behavior. And it's only radioactive when running if you add extra fuel rods to it's fuel slot. Extra fuel sources in the fuel slot are "Waiting" and will only be consumed by the vehicle when the first one of that item is exhausted completely.

You can see this same behaviour with any other fuel source in the game. If you put (1) coal in the explorer's fuel slot, then drive it, the coal will "Disappear" and the vehicle will drive on that (1) coal until the (MJ) of energy it contained is exhausted then it will stop moving. The same happens for nuclear fuel rods. If you some day use up all of the (MJ) of energy from (1) Nuclear Fuel Rod, the vehicle will stop moving. This is how the vehicles are currently coded in the game and this is all how they are supposed to work. Nuclear fuel rods are just another consumable fuel source like all other fuel sources in-game that the vehicles can use.
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Then let me rephrase it : it's normal from a developper's point of view. It's weird from a player's point of view. Using nuclear fuel without producing nuclear waste and without having to deal with radiation.

It makes sense for the fuel to disappear from the tank before the vhicle start consuming it, or you'd be able to retrieve it, put it in again and get infinite energy this way (since there's no level of charge statut on the item). However the item shouldn't just be deleted right away, but hidden in the vehicle, producing radiation, then dropping nuclear waste somewhere in the truck inventory or behind the truck.
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From what I can tell, only nuclear power plants that consume the nuclear fuel rods produce waste. Nothing else that consumes nuclear fuel rods produces waste at the moment. I don't think this is a bug either. It's probably by design.
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Yeah, same with the slug fuel, we was able to do a while. Anything marked as fuel/burnable, seems to work, in the cars.
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