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It would be nice if portable miners had a stack size of more than 1. Later in the game, you need many of them to build Miner Mk2 and Mk3, and crafting them before you head out means that they take up an inordinate amount of inventory space.

So, it would be nice if they had a stack size of at least 10. Then you can bring several with you without completely filling up your inventory.

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You almost always have a stack of cables, cables, iron plates and iron rods on you. So thats your stackable miners, already solved.
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That has nothing to do with what the OP asked. Miners themselves need to be stackable. No one asked about carrying the materials to make more.
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10 stacked miners are 40 iron plates, 80 wire and 40 cable, plus the 6 iron rods for equipment bench. Placing power poles, you need wire and cable, and splitters/mergers and stackable poles, needs plates. So even if the portable miners stack, it makes a lot more sense to use the mats, as you can carry far more then 10 at a time, that way.
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While that may be good to you, you are not providing anything constructive here. The OP asked for miners to be stackable. I too would like miners to be stackable. Developers: Please make the actual miners stackable.
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This would also solve the problem when you are trying to upgrade and or rebuild your factory, every miner that you deconstruct will drop multiple portable miners and there is currently no way to deconstruct those.
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