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S.A.M. ore is not a selectable item at the intelligent splitters ("smart" and "programmable")

Feeding S.A.M. ore to the main bus/belt i am not able to pull out that item at the storage area through intelligent splitters.

Workaround: placing 3 programmable splitters in a row, somewhere into the main bus/belt, each having 1/3rd of the available items selected (3 splitters pulling out 31 "programmed" items each = 93 different items), merging the selected output together again right after the splitters - the "not defined" connector behind the 3rd programmable splitter will provide the S.A.M. ore (item #94), cause it is the only item which was not (could not be) defined at the programmable splitters...

Last tested with Early Access - v0.2.1.12 - Build 103400

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That is cause S.A.M Ore is not fully been developed in the game.
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But it prevents us from having a smart storage, to dump everything in, after going out collecting.
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Then just don't collec it, leave empty belt for future.
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You shouldn't be collecting SAM ore at the moment as there's nothing to use it for. The game is in EA and is not finished.
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Chunks around the map and lizard doggos, all give you SAM ore...
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You don't have to pick it up just because it's there. Leave it alone and if doggo bring it to you throw it away. There's no reason to ever have SAM ore in any of your machinery, boxes or equipment right now. It's not in the splitter because we shouldn't have it in any device that could connect to any conveyor belt. Don't put it in anything.
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