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Like the title says. A friend and I were building a mega-factory and found it really annoying to jump off the lookout tower to program each building and try to remember which building did what in which order, I feel like when we get to the point where computers/supercomputers are a common item it would be nice to have like a hand held PDA or tablet that you can scan a building to see what it does without having to run up to it. For example, you can stand on a lookout tower with a aerial view and program your buildings, or be able to scan a storage container to see whats in it before having to run or jump to it, being able to scan the power grid instead of running to a pole. At the early stages its good to learn how to do all those things but in the end-game its just tedious.
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I could see the machines having a slot for Radio Control Unit(s) to be added later, and work in this way.
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that would be a good way to put this in, you would have to research and or build Radio Control Units in order to remotely control its specs, though not sure if I would like building 300+ RCU's putting on each building lol.
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Please do this.. I've only just got the game and I'm scared to make my base too big;) Also the first time I know that my coal truck has crashed is when my power goes off;)
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So having a mod slot for radio control units to add remote access for buildings, but that should only be for checking their input/output numbers. No actual editing.  And it only works for the building within range of the radar towers.  That can add increased functionality for the radar towers.
  I have never used a single tower as it only reveals basic features on the map which i would uncover through exploration anyways. Its just not worth the effort to run electrical to those high spots where the towers would be placed...
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I agree with Gronuth's idea. Finally there could be a use for the Radar Towers and a reason to mass produce RCU! (other than for Turbo motors)
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