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for the last like 6 harddrives orso i got this option for the worthless plastic alternative. but the last 3 or 4 only had that option and 1 other, i dont have nearly every alt recipe, im looking for the crystal comp and the caterium circuitboards.
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I feel you on that alt plastic recipe. It's one of the only ones, may actually BE the only one that you take a net loss to use. 1/3 more crude oil, and 2 extra machines, to get the exact same output per min.

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Before picking an recipe, you can save and reload the game. Other alternative recipes will appear. Procede until you got something interesting (that worked all the time, don't know if that got patched in the latest updates)
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Then make sure you actually pick/choose the plastic one. Once you have it, you won't see it ever again. You're still seeing it because you didn't take it.
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yeah so i just did that, the next hard drive told , me there are not more alts avaiable, though i have like maybe half
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Alternate recipes may be locked by your progress in the game (you need to open certain technology tier to get access to them), or by other alternate recipes (recipe B will not show up until you accept recipe A).

And most importantly, there are about twice as much hard drives in the map than there are alt recipes.
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You can check here if you have researched every alternate recipes available to date (39).


Remember to unlock the blue prints at the HUB to actually access them in the machinery.

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but there are plenty of alts that are in the game that other people have, but i have to wait for more content?
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If you have 39 alts you have exactly the same amount of anyone else (unless someone modded the game or altered it, which is a complete different scenario). The MAM gives you back the Hard Drive only if you meet the max alts available.
If you still believe to have stumbled upon a bug, leaving you with a missing recipe, you should use the ingame feedback which maybe provides more info on the subject, and wait for further patches
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well i only have 37, so unless the 2 inflated pocket dimesions count aswell im still missing 2
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(check the list) which one are you missing? Uranium Cell and Turbofuel maybe?
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nope only missing the crystal computer, everything else i have
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alright, so after vervifying the game files it was still nowhere to be found untill i placed a assembler and suddenly its there, its nowhere in my hub(also checked the grayed out ones) and its not even in the in-game recipies tab. but well i guess i have it now so whatever, thanks for the help and super quick responses guys.
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Glad it all matches now (guess you can close the thread now)
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