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Hello all, my first post, so I hope it's in the right format and location. 

I've noticed, in both my northern forest world and southern plain world (hard and easy start, respectively), that trees and large bushes are not providing as many resources as expected. I use the chainsaw with fuel, and have open spaces in my inventory, yet the trees and bushes that require them give anywhere between 0-6 leaves and occasionally 1 wood; almost exactly like the smallest bushes you can collect with your hands. I struggle to find the point of using the chainsaw and cutting down these large flora when hand collecting can get me far more biostock (the raw items before being refined into biomass, like leaves, wood, mycelia, etc.), and I can just build up if I need more room for machines. 

One thing I have noted, though, is that this only seems to affect trees with green leaves (except the trees with the big knot / bulb and several trunks), and bushes that are too big to hand collect; the large mushrooms, roots, oil plants, small bushes, palm trees, dead trees, and trees with white leaves seem to give the correct amount of resources. 

Has this happened to anyone else, or has this been reported on the discord yet? Thank you for the responses and help, 

Lord James smiley

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You use chainsaw, because it has AOE collecting.
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If I remember correctly, the description ADA gives for the chainsaw is that it can “be used to harvest biomatter primarily comprised of wood”, or something along those lines. Along with that, several select trees do give wood and leaves when ‘chainsaw-ed’, primarily the trees with white leaves and palm trees.

As an addition: why would a physically massive plant give less or equal resources as a significantly smaller plant? That just doesn’t make sense. It’s not a game breaking bug, for sure, and I can easily get all the biomass I want from hand picking the smaller plants, but it’s still a bug that effects resources, which is (IMO) a big deal in a resource management / utilization game.

Lord James
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