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Build : CL#103400

Step of reproduction: 

  1. Get to a high spot, build the first train station there
  2. Build train tracks so you get down from this high spot
    1. I was able to make it without abusing any bug, and by building fondations to place tracks without the game saying that the tracks are "too steep".
  3. All the way down, build a train station
  4. open the timetable and set a course between the two stations

when the train goes down, it goes too fast, doesn't brake enough, and miss the station 2, then go back to station one and repeat.

It didn't seem to happen before, maybe something was changed in last patches ?

Here are some screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/Faphwfs (sorry no nut)

Note : you can dock between the two stations just fine by driving the train yourself

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This is probably most easily fixed by fixing another aspect of trains, being that they decelerate much too slowly.

Yes, in real life trains are heavy and take a long time to speed up and slow down. Bu in real life freight trains move materials dozens or hundreds of kilometers.

That is not the case in satisfactory. Stations are going to be 1, maybe 2 km apart at most. Sure, you can put stations further apart than this. But if you do, then you're running conveyor belts a LONG way from the various deposits to converge them at the stations, at which point you might as well just run the conveyors all the way to your main base and forget the train entirely.

Take, for example, a route down the left hand edge of the map, as drawn in this image with a blue line. The yellow crossbars represent "obvious" places to put stops.


But if you actually put stops there, the train can barely get to 30% of its maximum speed if you want to be able to slow down in time for each stop.

Alternatively, you could put just two stops in - one at each end, say - instead of 4. But if you do this, you're running belts half way, even up to 2/3rds of the way, along the route. Ie, you have to consolidate the oil groupwith the north group, and you have to consolidate the two bottom resource groups. So why bother with the train?

This game is not the same as reality, distances between useful stops are much shorter. Therefore in order that trains be  useful, they need to be able to start and stop more quickly.

This would therefore also help solve the "not stopping in time for the station" issue.

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i solve this problem by making a little loop next to the stacion so the trail will stop, and it works
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I think this probably isn't a bug at all and pretty much has to do with physics. If a heavy train goes down hill fast enough it couldn't possible ever hope to stop it's self by mechanical means enough to make a station. It's gravity and this game is simulating gravity. If you want the train to stop at the station, make either a flat spot, or a rise in the track or both enough to slow down the train before hitting the bottom station. That's on you and you need to design your tracks correctly.
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Like I said, you can drive the train between the two stations just fine, it just seems to be miscalculating how much it needs to break, why would it be my design ?
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Because driving the trains is not the same thing as when they run automatically in an automated loop. Automated they don't stop as quickly or the same as when we humans drive them. In the automated mode if it gets going too fast it won't be able to stop quick enough. So you'll have to understand that and design your tracks to compensate for it and get it to slow down in a way it can handle. If you design the tracks in such a way where it just keeps going down and down and down over a long distance and never has an up-hill section to slow down at then of course it wouldn't be able to stop.
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Yeah I get that, but what you're giving me is a workaround for a bug that is there, the train AI is faulty you say it yourself : "Automated they don't stop as quickly or the same as when we humans drive them", why would that be intended ?
Changing my design just hide the problem, it doesn't mean that it isn't there.
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Well at least I could (hopefully) help you get your train to stop right now in the short term. In general almost everything about trains in this game is really broken at the moment. They have a lot of work to do on trains in general and we can hope they'll fix it soon. They've done great work on it so far and they are trying hard to fix everything.
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