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The radar just won't work. I have changed the button assignments, I have checked the electric, everything is fine. I even upgrades its scan range past 100%, however, no matter what I do, the radar will not show up no matter what button I set it too, or what i try. I believe it is the Map button because I don't see a radar button assignment. Please help.
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Not sure what you mean. You dont need a radar tower to make the map functional, and you had to unlock the map to get the the parts needed to unlock the radar tower. The default key for the map is Z on my install. It doesnt require any power.
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Before the Trains update, I could access my map perfectly fine by pressing Z. now, i can't access it at all, and i was told i need a radar to use the map, so i made a radar, and then tried, with the same result, that it did not work.
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I have the full map revealed and it works by "Z" for me and I haven't ever yet placed a single radar tower in my entire 200 hours of playthrough in this current save. I can confirm you don't need it.

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You need to research Quartz at M.A.M to get the Map function back
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