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Rails need posts similar to the adjustable conveyor pole to build on to.

Another one is needed to lay the rail(s) by a wall. It would snap to player made walls if desired and can be placed to any natural wall(ish) surface freely in other places.

They should have the rail placement surface angle to be adjustable so the rail can be made to look straight, free+gradually adjustable angles, free+gradually adjustable height on the pole. Stackable too? Most importantly they would look legit, no more random foundations sticking out of a mountain wall or hundreds of meters of rail floating in the air. Not to speak of the rails clipping the ground. For the aesthetics sake.
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Instead of having "adjustable surface angle", I'd vote for them to just comply with whatever slope the first placed rails comes from.

Foundations are too bulky for the purpose and the fact that they impose the slope on the rail makes it really hard to build rail inclines without "staircase syndrome".

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Nothing in the game needs "Support". The developers have said previously that they never intend to program in any kind of "Required Support" to anything. Not for conveyor belts, not for train tracks, nothing. You can totally remove foundations after you place tracks and poles from conveyor belts and this is by design and this is how the game is supposed to be and always will be.
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Why trolling so much. This makes me want to build a conveyor pole park. Ofcourse everything in game is supposed to be used in everyway possible and as anyone wants it. You have a bad fps? get a better gpu or wait they optimize things.... Even if a game creator says its supposed to be exactly like this or exactly like that, if the game has infinite possibilities, it is going be this AND that AND their cousins.
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-I- don't have bad FPS, and no one is trolling. I remove all poles and foundations not necessary to mount things on. I only use foundations and poles for -TEMPORARY- placement of conveyor belts and train rails and such then remove them afterwards. That's part of how I am able to maintain a high playable FPS in-game. Most people that build large-scale mega factories have to remove conveyor poles and unnecessary foundations or they wouldn't be able to play the game. At the high end for Satisfactory it's actually necessary to actively try to use as few parts in-game as possible to complete the connection, including removing stuff after it's connected. Perhaps go watch some youtube channels of people with large mega factories. None of them leave poles behind.

It's not about looks at all. At some point when your factory gets large enough, conveyor poles -WILL- effect the performance of your game, no matter how fast your computer is.
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That is then an optimization problem, or if not that, then it is the end on the developer side and its the player who has to get more gutted gear to play this game on, otherwise it truly is the end as computer stops serving frames all together at some point.

There are many sorts of high ends too... How big of a factory you can build that is as realistical looking as possible with all the supporting structure where trains dont go through the ground and not a single belt trough another.

I for one would not play this game if it was about just building larger and larger and then not being able to take care of the looks, the game is made pretty anyways. And i did quit for a while with my tower till the lift conveyors came, my god the horrifying conveyor mess...and therefore not being able to scale due to space limitation.
One of my bigger concerns is how to make a wire go into a building and come out of it without looking odd, that btw needs something too, a power wall maybe. And reducing image quality down from max is not a thing, thats how do i like it.

Many of those youtubers build only practical factories where looks and realism is not looked after, yes maybe partially due to the need to build bigger and bigger and therefore that fps problem coming in. Now thats the other end of how im building mine. I only build to get enough of something and scale where needed as new things come. and then focus on making it all look realistic and good and as they chant at the FICSIT, efficient. Lately making everything as compact as possible whilst retaining the realistic looks.
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Its not an issue with the conveyor poles or the foundations. Its an overall issue with building games and the number of things you have made.

I dont know the performance impact, but if you have reached the point where removing a few conveyor poles, gives you FPS, you need to look into settings. As you are ether GPU bound, RAM bound or CPU bound. Which depends on how the game handles multiple objects of the same type.
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Building large factories in to where the save files will be 300~500 MB per save.. you're going to eventually be CPU bound at some point with this game and anything you can remove that's not necessary will improve performance. It's sadly the nature of open-ended building games. If you keep building, eventually you'll overload the game engine.
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