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What about instant lifts when moving vertically? You could just walk into the lift, press the interact key and click the desired floor and there you are already. It would need a foundation to build it on to and it regocnizes each foundation vertically in front of it to be a new floor as long as it is aligned the same as the lift, no matter the height. You can configure the floor names. I mean theres already items in game related to teleportation.

The elevator should be self scaling itself to all floor foundations and all new floor foundations it recognizes(you can skip floors by not having the floor foundation and patch the hole with walkway crossings), dont know if the scalability is even possible feature, if not then just build the elevator in each floor and config them(connect and name them) in the same manner as trainstations(you could then easily skip floors that are not of importance).

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While I agree we do need an elevator for the Pioneers there's a little glitch you can use to your advantage.

Put a foundation just the height of a tractor, the trick here is to park a tractor in the way when you exit it you will be throw up and end standing in the foundation just above the tractor.

With enough tractors you can create a way up, just enter and exit until you reach the desired floor. To climb down, just use the jetpack or the green gelatine.

Hope this can help you.
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They make a special building unit that allows you to do this with no glitching involved. Jump pads. You just hook poer up to them, and step on the pad ZOOO-OOO-M up up and away you go. They even give you a jello pool to jump down into. If you use the angled pads, and take a little time to set them up, you can ascend multi=floor factories completely hands free after you hit the first pad.
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Sure, I just pointed out there's a way to create a sort-of-lift. Some people get a hard landing experience with the jump pads. I myself restarted to use them only after getting the jetpack and a minor advantage of using the glitch is the tiny power consumption saving.
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I personally dont like the jump pads, it is effort and time to set them up nicely as i am really into the aesthetics and the game is made to look pretty, all the wiring... and that you could do something else at the same time.

Alltho this is the only way(that is not a glitch) currently to get up faster. Does the tractor trick throw you higher upwards in the air then a jump pad? i could maybe setup one in there as my pad elevator is indoors anyways, after 10 floors(assembler height) the jump pad starts to feel frustrating, 20 floors is already a nightmare and theres like around 30 floors, gotta count them sometime. i should maybe build a new tower in parallel and build downwards as new things come, get the end products coming down with liftveyors.

And that does not take away  the fact that theres a bottleneck on 17th floor that needed a single conveyor for 3 products and one of them gets overfed if there is a slightest hickup on the lines and you know how smart splitter responds to overfed lines. I tried to live with a single liftveyor outside of the building but could not. I mean its a perfect square and pink that tower of mine and that liftveyor was like a giant mole on its forehead...and its my baby tower, been there since early access came.

Also does a tractor glitch fit on top of a single foundation? that could possibly solve my bottleneck.

Btw, instalift would also bring you down faster than jumping down with a jetpack, altho that is not a problem at all.

I am also not saying that pads arent fun if you like to spent the time fiddling with them...
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I totally agree and yes! The little sugar cube fits in a single foundation.
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Yes, the jump pads are a pain. Made a 72 floor skyscraper. Took 7 minutes to get to the top.
But its our best option, as long as you plan where to build them.
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You can use a stackable convayer and use the ladder to climb up and down
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I think it should have elevator tile which costs something. I think the tile should be placed to each floor and there should not be anything blocking it in order to it to work. Elevators are quite OP and therefore it shouldn't be cheap. You do have jump pads now in the game.
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