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Hi there Coffee Stain.  It seems your latest updates to both the early access and experimental has broken my save files.  They're still present in the correct folder, but the game is not reading them.  I get just a blank screen when selecting Load at the main screen.
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If you upload and post your save here, we could also take a look
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Save files are kept in a user specific location in windows. Are you using the same PC login?
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My saves are actually  58,009 kb for the main, 58,012 kb for the first auto, 57,999 kb for the second, and 58,012 kb for the third.  How would I go about uploading them to here?  
This is the structure I find my saves at.  Has this changed?

Also, I actually figured it out.  The directory has changed, from the Roaming to the Local folder.  I just tried copy/pasting them into the Local folder and started the game, and now my saves are being read.
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It was never Roaming. Mark it as solved then
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That's strange, because I never put any of my saves there.  Oh well.  Thank you all though, because it helped to know about that file structure.

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For some reason, my save files were located in the Roaming AppData folder.  I moved them to the Local folder and now my saves are being read.  This thread has been closed.
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