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I had a thought: what if, in one of the later tiers, you could unlock buildings that can teleport. There would be some object like the power slugs, mercer spheres, and somersloops, whose quantum instability could be harnessed (after M.A.M research, of course) to create three buildigs: One would be a teleport pad for players, where a player stands on it and, through use of a panel, warps to one of the other pads. One would be a teleporter for conveyors, where a conveyor goes into one node, and comes out of a paired node somewhere else. The third would be a quantum storage box, which would function similarly to minecraft's ender chest, being a gateway to a pocket dimension (A different one for each player if it is a multiplayer session, meaning that one player could not take things that another player stores in one of these, even if they use the same one) that can be accessed from any box of this type, allowing a player to store an emergency cache of resources to be accessed if needed on their travels.
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Building "teleporter tunnels" in terraria was my favorite type of construction; but it was pretty tedious, because teleporters had to be connected to each other by wiring.

In Satisfactory, that wouldn't be too bad, because laying power cables over a long distance is pretty easy. Still, in terraria, i would've loved a "teleporter code" implementation. Build two (or more) teleporters, enter the same numerical code to them, and they're connected.  Simple!

I'd be happy with personal teleporters as a late-game reward.
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Warning : This comment spoils a probable future feature

On the official wiki and in the E3 trailer, we can see buildings and items linked to quantum technology, so it may be possible to create teleporters with that.

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There is already Remote storage , but works completely different as you ask.

And I really doubt that they will do as you ask

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Maybe, it's just my idea, they will add something like landing platforms for cargo rockets, it could be a cool feature
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There wont be any space travel, so what would be the point of that.
You have space elevator
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