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Attempting to {understandably} trivialize combat in the game, I was pleased as punch when I finally got an Explorer, and was able to acceptably mow down enemies with the front of my vehicle.

Except it doesn't work. I've dragged the corpses of those ranged ones for what feels like miles; after they ragdoll they get back up and need the typical too-many rounds to be put down. No getting up, just from Dead to Alive.

Needless to say, this is an error that needs resolving. With two melee weapons and ranged weapons that won't reload on their own, using a vehicle to end fauna is a requirement.

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Hey hey,

This is intended behaviour for now, creatures don't take damage from vehicles, specific flora gets destroyed by vehicles to make traversal more fun.

Fauna only ragdolls currently instead of taking damage and we don't have plans to change this right now, but our opinion might change in the future.

I re-categorized your post as suggestion and removed the bug tag so we can remember about it more easily in the future
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How disappointing; I'm inclined to re-edit my post to Bug so that it can be defined as such, and not as in intended behavior.
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What you can do however is if you get and equip both the Blade Runners upgrade and the Xeno-Basher upgraded sword, (and make sure the sword is selected as your current weapon), just drive the explorer really fast towards a mob and then hop out while it's still in motion and then the explorer will run over the mob and make it rag-doll. If you're fast enough (this is where the Blade Runners come in) you can run up in front of the explorer and you should have several seconds of "Rag doll time" before the mob hops up again to whack it with the Xeno Basher. If it gets up again and it's still angry then just run and hop in the explorer again, drive away, turn around and repeat until it's dead. Using this you should be able to make most encounters (Even with alphas!) a trivial matter.
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I use these tactics too, it's a good time saver and I just want to add a few points.
1. You need to get some speed to it to work.
2. Ragdoll doesn't last several seconds, in my experience, it is more like 3s.
3. Spitters can hit you while in ragdoll, very upsetting.
4. Don't work with flying crabs.
5. Sometimes hogs got stuck in the wheels, very hard to hit them with the xeno-basher in such situations.
6. Try to use explosives, works wonderfull if throw near enough of the target and far enough of you.
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