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A defensive turret. Doesn't necessarily need to kill, just scare off wildlife, like when you hit one of the elephant/tick things. The shot would be an electric shock, like a single hit with a xeno-zapper, but with the range of a rebar gun. No ammo, of course, because it's an electric shock, but it might need to be powered. I suggest this because it's annoying and possibly life-threatening to suddenly get attacked by spitters and hogs when you're trying to set up a mining outpost or build a walkway. For this one, I actually had an idea for the recipe could be: 4 steel beams or pipes (for the base, or legs if you want to make it a deployable like the portable miner), 1 concrete (if you decide to go with base), 1 steel pipe (stem), a motor, a xeno-zapper, a rebar gun, a circuit board, maybe an object scanner, and either some wire, cable, quickwire, or a combination of the three. There could also possibly be an explosive variant, with an ammo supply that can be fed by a conveyor belt, and which would fire rockets at nearby fauna, or a gun variant, which would definitely require and hit like a rifle, but would also need ammo. Come to think of it, it'd be nice to have something similar on vehicles, maybe even controlled by another player

Speaking of vehicles, what if there was a flying equivalent to each vehicle (other than the train, obviously)? It would certainly make it easier to locate and harvest resources that are on plateaus and clifftops, which currently require some extremely complicated and grossly expensive walkway-and conveyor-belt setup

Another way of dealing with the aforementioned overexpensive-walkway problem is if there was some sort of elevator one could build. This would probably entail at least three new buildings, or five if you want to make it possible to choose whether the elevator moves resources or people. These would be the top and bottom stations, a middle station, and the regular tube for going between them
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Turrets have been suggested before but considering that wildlife will not typically spawn near where you have erected buildings, defensive turrets arent really needed.  
Now if they implement the hardcore mode when the put creative mode in, then you would theoretically see lots more mobs and harder ones.  There might be need for base defense at the point so you would see turrets.  It all depends on how(if) they implement hardcore mode.

The flying vehicles arent likely at all as it would oversimplify movement through the entire world.  Again, you might see such things in creative mode but not normally.

As for elevators, this has been suggested many times as well.  They already implemented jumping pads and landing pads for us as an alternative.  It would be nice if they had stronger jumping pads to be able to jump up some of those slightly bigger cliffs. I wouldnt want to be able to enable vertical movement of 500ft up those cliffs that are meant to break the land up though as it oversimplifies things again.  There should be some measure of planning involved in your logistics.
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