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I've spent the last 2 days trying to get train automation to work, with no luck (and it's getting a mite frustrating). I have two stations - about 100 yards apart, and I want to automate going back and forth (I wanted to get that working before going cross country with them). I've tried every combination possible of station orientation (both facing the same way, both ways, both facing inwards, both facing outwards, etc) and adding trains single and in pairs facing every possible way, and with every combination I just get "can't reach the next station" (doesn't matter what order I put the stations in the timetable, or how many times I duplicate - I read answers saying to do that). Every now and again I'll get the train to go from station A to B, but it'll get stuck, and never move again (I can drive it, but it'll just get stuck with the error again). Deleting and re-creating the entire setup from that point on just results in the train can't reach the station - in fact the last 20 times I've created a station pair it just won't move on automation at all, no matter what orientation the trains or stations are set up with.

Super curious if this is just a bug, or I'm missing something obvious. For now I'm just going to pay without trains (they pretty much ruined an otherwise incredible experience), but I'd love it if I could get them working.

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As an alternative to a loop, you can run a single track between the stations as follows:

<Station 1, Platform 1-1, Platform 1-2---------Tracks---------Platform 2-1, Platform 2-2, Station 2>

Have the two stations pointing AWAY from each other, with the platforms closer to the centre.

For the above setup, you will also need a train with TWO locos, one on each end, facing in opposite directions, with two freight cars between them.

Goods loaded at Platform 1-1 will be unloaded at Platform 2-1 (or vice-versa)
Goods loaded at Platform 1-2 will be unloaded at Platform 2-2 (or vice-versa)
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You ~may also need to double list the stations in the time table. For the example above:
Station 1
Station 1
Station 2
station 2
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Run two tracks  / rails and form a large loop from the end of the second station back to the first one and it should work.
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