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It would be great (especially for OCD players like myself) if the train stations' order in the automation menu of trains, which is currently based on construction order, can be re-arranged within the menu.

It should be a very easy adjustment for the dev team.

I honestly don't know if it's something I haven't discovered how to do yet or if such function don't exist, correct me if it can be done in the menu already.
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Use the arrows in the menu to move the stations up and down in the list
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@Wullail: you can reorder stations in timetable but you cannot reorder them in the station list from which you select into the timetable.

Notice how long my list is. It's absolute chaos.

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"It should be a very easy adjustment for the dev team."

1.  Don't make assumptions about how easy or hard something is to change without a thorough working knowledge of the underlying code and all the ramifications of said change.
2.  What is the correct order?  I am sure your "correct" order is very different from mine - and from that of the dev working on the code.
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At least alphabetical order would be nice for starters. Manual reordeing according to player's preference would be great but until it comes, the same effect can be achieved by adding a short number/letter sequence to the start of each station's name.
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