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I have the same problem at the same location. I tried to explode/chop everything, tried to rotate in every angle, impossible to put the geyser there. You can see on the image there is some vegetation/rock left under the geyser that might cause the problem. I think my character is well placed to try to put it. https://imgur.com/gDPZ3pL

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That node has a steep cone which is interfering with the placement. I tried foundations - no good. I submitted a bug-in-game so maybe it will be fixed in a future update.

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The wood poking out of the water, is in the way. The model might look like it fits, but the hitbox is overlapping.
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Yup, 100% this

Edit: The Geyser next to it also is busted. Can't remove the foundation that is left behind either. It is untargetable. https://imgur.com/dsYFFS2
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Okay, I checked the area and while I do have a geothermal generator built there already (https://imgur.com/P9gfe2v), I can't dismantle it and build it again now (https://imgur.com/r2n3lmE). It must have changed in the meantime, probably in one of recent patches because it's not that long since I set them up.

It doesn't seem to be the corals or wood or whatever it is. It's possible to walk and build other buildings right through it. It looks more like the terrain, in particular the rim around the geyser is in the way. Although it does not look like that from this angle, I built that merger to exactly touch the generator's bounding box. Notice how much higher it sits. https://imgur.com/2sYtc4S

Different angle: https://imgur.com/3isvL9l

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Just a guess, but miners seems to be more picky about there placement, then other buildings. And since geothermal is more a miner, then a normal building, it has the same issues.

Can always try to use foundations to get the placement correct.
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have the same issue with bough Geysers there. tried everything like foundations  chainsaw (with thought that some vegetation is in the way, tried Nobelisks for the same reason as chainsaw with no luck for now so I'm guessing something is really off with that geyser spot.
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I gave it another try, and it works if you put down a 2 m foundation first. The geyser in the far NE lake is even steeper, and it takes a 4 M foundation to get a geothermal generator to mount on it. I now have all 17 geothermal generators working. You can also remove the foundation after placing the generator and it will still work fine.
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