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I find the icons for Iron and Steel ingots counter-intuitive and confusing.

Iron has always been known as the 'black' metal - as in 'Blacksmiths', and should therefore have the dark coloured icon.

Steel is more suited to the silver icon - think stainless steel!

I should have mentioned this sooner, but I feared that it would be downvoted into oblivion and ignored! lol
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I'm not into blacksmithery at all, but for me it makes sense the way they do it in game since the steel is created by mixing with (black) coal
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I agree the steel model color is unusual but I don't think making iron ingot dark would be any more accurate. They're essentially the same metal, most people can't tell one from the other. And most industrial steel isn't even stainless.

Maybe they could have different shape instead.

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i have no clue of blacksmithing but:

iron = silver
iron + black coal = darkened silver
also the crafted materials stick to these colors.

thus for me the current state makes sense (gamewise) even though its not 100% realistic.
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A tiny amount of carbon (among other ingredients) is used to turn iron into steel.  It doesn't make it black though!

It is the surface of iron that is black, which is why it is called the black metal.
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