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I've come to s stalemate in the game, I cant continue with my plans for a mega factory due to trains not 'working'

I've presumed multiple trains would work on a single track, they follow a huge loop around the world occasionally peeling off to gather resources before rejoining the loop and returning to my main hub to deposit the goodies.

At the moment, with only four trains (each with 6 freights) running, they are a mess.  Splitting up, detaching from the engine, freights stopping half way around the map or zooming straight past a station without stopping.

So I'm left with several decisions.
1) Build multiple tracks, one for each train.
2) Scrap the trains and build several million conveyor belts.
3) Stop playing until the trains are fixed.

Number 3 seems my only viable option.

Myself and many others are in this position, unable to go forward without a train fix, stuck in limo praying they get fixed before more content is released.
Are devs able to confirm they are looking into this?  Will we ever be able to use multiple trains on a single track?
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Give it time
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"Should be an easy bug to fix".
So - you know the code for the game inside-out and exactly how it all works?
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Making trains unable to pass through each other is what developers are planning to do I believe but it does not really solve the problem. Instead, it's putting a lot of new and pretty hard challenges in the place.

Cars can avoid each other by bumping into each other, then heading to their respective next waypoint from the place where they ended up. You can't do that with trains, they're stuck to the rail. And planning train routes in systems with many trains in place is actually very hard problem from the mathematical point of view.

We may end up in situations where all our trains say they cannot reach their destination while for the player it seems obvious what they should do. And that may result in many complaints here. So I hope that if devs really decide to give us solid trains, they'll give us some solid routing algorithm along with them.

Otherwise I'd be happier if trains just worked, passing through each other is not an issue for me.
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I think that to make it work with the less hassle the easiest thing would be to make it so that the first car in the train is the only thing that choose the direction it takes and the rest just follow that one. as it is now a train that the first car is beyond the switch with a second train behind it going the other direction the front train will split because the second train took control of the switch.
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The comment by arczmaster is a good one. This is a realistic solution, if there is not already a suggestion for it you should make one for it. The engine should always be the decider on where the cars go. However the directions being set when a train leaves a station is part of the problem that sets multiple trains in weird directions to start with. the solution to that problem may solve this problem independently.

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Trains can share the same track, as long as there is not splits (ghost trains) and they dont need the same station (only 1 train can use a station, at a time).

So you can still make a global train track, just need a lot more planning.
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Still does not work reliably. I have a track set up exactly like that, many trains (20+) on single track, each its own set of stations (100+ stations total). When a train is about to stop in a station and another train passes through that station at the same time, the stopping train will skip loading/unloading and will move on in its timetable. Especially with many trains on single track with no switches, you cannot avoid that happening.
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You can split the track and add multiple stations to a location.
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3. Stop playing

Sadly I had to resort to this solution, since once my trains start splitting off they eventually stop working altogether.

A train arrives at a station at some point, and then goes a bit back, then a bit forward, then back... and so on. It never again leaves the station, and soon enough every other train on the track follows.

And its impossible to even reset anything. The only way to fix it, is to delete the engines, and hunt down every single freight car and do the same. But then you have to also manually move every bit of resource or product to its destination or back to its original station... which is ridiculous when the freight car ends up on the other side of the island.

Is it really that hard to set the freight cars to ignore switches and follow engines, even as a temporary solution?
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Okay, for starters the game is currently early access and experimental, meaning bugs and problems should not only be expected, but guaranteed. I am sure Coffee Stain Studios is troubleshooting and looking into this issue. The fact that trains work as good as they do is a testament to there overall skill. Train logistics in real life takes an incredible amount of over watching, human management, oversight, built in safeties and inefficiencies. In order for multiple trains to use the same line in real life it requires sidings and scheduling that the player would have to plan in order for it to work just how you want. There are train simulator games out there already if you want to do that. This is a factory simulator game. The easy solution is to hard program the train lines to only allow one train 16 cars and 2 engines that is it. They allow you the freedom to put multiple engines on the same line at your own risk. The simple answer to your problem as is, is to limit each train station to one train and create a continuous loop with no turnouts in use. This will eliminate the issues your having. Yes the trains need refinement, no you do not need to build a complete track for each train, however you need to follow the rules until they fix the turnouts. That will not be easy and I have no idea what they are going to do about it. Whether in game or in the rest of life try to research different and new solutions to problems and think outside the box. Quitting never creates Satisfactory results.

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Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is 1 way = 1 train.
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