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When I built mergers close together (they are not intertwined), I can't connect them with conveyor belt. Sometimes, mergers are connecting together but most of the time they aren't connecting together.

In one of the previous versions (I can't remember) I could easily connect to each other. (I built a big factory.) But now I can't. The construction of a huge factory has stopped.

Note: I'm playing with the latest update of the game. Non-experimental (Patch - CL #103400)

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They could perhaps attach to each other without even needing a belt at that distance, similar how conveyor lifts attach to other inputs/outputs when properly aligned.
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It'il be nice if it happens the way you say. But I can't do anything right now. I hope it will be fixed with a patch coming soon.
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A workaround might be to build a section of belt first, and then build your splitters/mergers onto that.
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I tried this method but it didn't work. First I built a long conveyor belt. I placed a merger on it. The long conveyor belt and merger appeared as separate parts. Materials from the right side (foundry output) do not enter into the merger.
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I try to explain the situation. foundry setup

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Edit #1: I found a way to build mergers close together. Thanks to _dork_chops_ from Reddit. 

Build a long conveyor belt first. Then select the merger and place it on the conveyor belt. It will automatically incorporate itself into the conveyor belt. When placing the merger on the conveyor belt, try to look upwards with your mouse. It's okay if Merger slides gently over the conveyor belt. Since it does not show any snap points, you will have to adjust the mergers with your eyes.   

In the video below I explained how you can do it.


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