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I use the explorer inventory as secondary storage at times. When I drive too close to a truck station, it grabs all the inventory and puts it on conveyor belts where it shouldn't be stopping a lot of production. Can the explorer have a setting to not interact with truck stations?
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This should be an option on all vehicles, I think. Have a toggle ability to lock the vehicle's inventory.

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All vehicles will get "Sucked up" by a truck station. This is by design... you're supposed to be able to use any vehicle in the game for "Truck routes" to give us flexibility. Maybe you want to have a route in an area where the explorer can go that the trucks can't go for example.

Just don't drive too close to the truck stations, or surround them with walls and make a special small entrance and exit only for vehicles so you don't accidentally drive over it.
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Agreed that it is by design, but it would be "nice to have" an off-switch available for a vehicle.
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As a workaround, I generally fence off an area as far out as the truck stations reach, to help make sure I dont accidentally drive into its range, or path another truck too close. The "gate" wall pieces work well set 2m below  the unloading deck.
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