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Hi Folks,

First of all, sorry if some sentence seems strange, English is not my main language :)

I know this subject was already mentioned multiple times but want to highlight an idea to make the game harder to "complete" (I mean harder to unlock every milestone )

It's of course a difficulty on which you can make the choice to activate it or not as I think the current game difficulty is pretty fine for a "casual" player.

Other people already suggest increasing the amount of items asked to unlock new tier (On the space elevator), but in my opinion it will just need to wait more or put more production lane. At the end, when you have your 1000 (or more) items, your container will just store more and more items until they become full. At this point of time, your production line become "useless" until maybe you use these item for a next tier production line.

After this small introduction (that will helps to argue on my suggestion), here my suggestion. In addition to a number of items to unlock a new tier, it would be good to ask an amount per minutes to allow you to "use" new tiers feature.

Here a small example to make it maybe clearer.
On Phase 1 of the space elevator, you need 50 Rotor and 75 Reinforced Iron Plate to unlock the next tiers. You provide all the items and unlock the Tiers. That's fine. But after that, to unlock the Coal power milestone, you will have to send an amount of rotor and Reinforced Iron Plate per minutes to be able to unlock it. (Example 5 rotor and 7,5 plates / minutes). It will force you to connect your production line to the space elevator AND the main purpose of this, rebuild a new production line for your next requirement.
Also, for the next phase, you will need to maintain this number of item per minutes to be able to unlock next tiers.
As some items are common between 2 phases, any item that will be more than the requested rate would be use for the next phase (Motor example, if you need 10 motor / minutes and sent 15 motor / minutes, the 5 / minutes will be used for the next 1000 requested motors)

Here the advantages in my opinion :
- You need to put more production line to fit with the requirement.
- A production line will never become "useless" as you have unlock the tiers that request this item
- From a power point of view, you need to be more careful as your old production line will continue to use power
- From a resource point of view, you also need to care more about that as you will really need more resources, it's not a "one time need" but a "long time need".


Also, this system could be used as an "end game" option. When you have unlock everything, the space elevator could ask you to send more and more item per minutes until you use ALL resources of the map.
This will maybe force you to change your power supply resources (use the nuclear instead of the coal / fuel) because you will need those primary resources to fit the space elevator rate / minutes.

To conclude, I think we can found a lot of new challenges in the game with this system. It has to be think more in detail to be ready to implement but the global idea is here:)

Feel free to comment and provide any feedback on this idea.
Any "Pros and Cons" are very welcome !  

Thanks for people who have read everything
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totally agree, we need more goals

> space elevator could ask you to send more and more item per minutes

and, for example, gives small awards after each step  (+1% to jetpack speed or efficiency, jumping height etc.)
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The game is not yet finalized. We do not actually know how things are going to be on later tiers or endgame. The Space Elevator model features 6 docks for belts, this leads me think of a massive requirement for 6 different material alltogether in order to meet future demands. As far as I can tell they might have it already planned harder then you can fathom. Things are moving and things might be changed and re-arranged along the way... I shall keep my pov on the matter for when I will substancially know more about it, quite premature right now.
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>Elevator model features 6 docks for belts
6 in the back
3 on each side

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The idea of the space elevator requiring a continuous use of resources has been mentioned many times.  There have been several suggestions for why it needs this continuous resource infusion but nothing concrete yet.  I mean we are sent to the planet to exploit its resources so we can assume the materials are meant to be sent off planet. We could easily say its for a shipyard that is in orbit around the planet.

As for punishment for not meeting the quota?  Shutting down production would be counterproductive for them so that doesnt seem like a great idea.  It also doesnt seem like a good idea to lock a production line in place for the space elevator as it prevents upgrades. They could randomly decide to shoot you from orbit to kill you if you arent supplying enough, lol.  Alternately, they could implement a point system that requires supplying materials for points and you could gain a little extra points for providing a surplus or reduced/negative points for inadequate supplies.  These points might be used to exchange for upgraded recipies for QoL items.  for example: Mk2 Rifle, bigger stack size for particular items, more inventory space, Mk3 Stun baton, Mk2 Jump pads, Mk2 Explorer, PDA, various remote functionalities...
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I just hope this idea never get implemented !!
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Please explain your opinion instead of putting a useless comment !

As mentionned : "you can make the choice to activate it or not"
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The suggestion is for a difficulty mode, not for increasing the default difficulty.

You will still be able to do your peaceful super easy build with creative mode.
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